‘Sex Education’ Season 3: Production Delayed & Everything We Know

‘Sex Education’ Season 3: Production Delayed & Everything We Know
‘Sex Education’ Season 3: Production Delayed & Everything We Know

Sex Education is returning to Netflix for a third season and we’re putting together our big preview of season 3. Below is all the information we have on Sex Education season 3, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

As one of the most popular series on Netflix to date, it should come to no surprise that Netflix will be looking ahead to the third season. We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news and information regarding season 3, including what we can expect, production news, casting, and trailers and of course the Netflix release date.

Has Netflix renewed Sex Education for season 3?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 10/02/2020)

We knew it wouldn’t take long but we can now confirm that Netflix has renewed Sex Education for season 3!

Prior to the ‘official’ announcement we already had it on good authority the series was returning for a third season. Thanks to Production Weekly, we learned that the third season of Sex Education is reported to begin filming in May 2020 and will run until September 2020.

What is the production status of Sex Education season 3?

Production Status: Delayed (last updated: 04/17/2020)

Laurie Dunn, the creator of Sex Education has already confirmed that she is writing for the third season. Dunn originally confirmed that she began writing for the third season regardless of the series renewal status:

“That’s just a very normal part of the process because we work on such tight schedule, and season three hasn’t been green lit yet or officially commissioned.”

Filming was due to get underway for season 3 of Sex Education in May 2020 according to ProductionWeekly but on April 17th, 2020 it was announced that season 3 had been delayed from production.

This shouldn’t come as much surprise given the global coronavirus pandemic that is ongoing. Sex Education joins a huge array of paused Netflix Original projects.

Filming takes place in the United Kingdom (specifically Wales) who recently extended their quarantine.

Up until now, January has become the official month of release for Sex Education, but with the delay, that could be pushed further back into 2021.

Which cast members will be returning for season 3?

The following cast members are expected to return for the third season of Sex Education:

RoleActorWhere have I seen/heard them before?
Otis MilburnAsa ButterfieldHugo | Ender’s Game | The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Jean MilburnGillian AndersonThe X-Files | The Fall | The Last King of Scotland
Eric EffoingNcuti GatwaSex Education | Horrible Histories: The Movie | Stonemouth
Maeve WileyEmma MackeyBadger_Lane | Death on the Nile | The Winter Lake
Adam GroffConnor SwindellsVS. | The Vanishing | Jamestown
Jackson MarchettiKedar Williams-StirlingShank | Wolfblood | Montana
Mr. GroffAlistair PetrieRogue One | The Bank Job | Victor Frankenstein
Aimee GibbsAimee Lou WoodSex Education | Louis Wain
OliviaSimone AshleyBroadchurch | Pokemon Detective Pikachu | Strike
RubyMimi KeeneEastenders | Close | Tolkein
AnwarChaneil KularInformer | Doctors
VivChinenye EzeduSex Education | The Stranger
Lily IglehartTanya ReynoldsThe Mallorca Files | Delicious | Death in Paradise

We’ll ensure to update you with all the latest news on the cast when we learn more!

What to expect from the third season of Sex Education?

We learned a lot about Otis and the colorful characters of Moordale Secondary School, and they also learned a lot about themselves in the process. There’s still plenty of questions that the third season will need answering so here’s what we can expect to see in the third season of Sex Education:

Will Otis and Maeve find love?

The Ross and Rachel of Sex Education, Otis and Maeve both love each other, but timing and other factors have seen the pair yet to become an item. By the end of the second season, Otis finally had the courage to admit his feelings to Maeve, declaring his love for the girl on her voicemail, while she was busy competing in the final of School quiz competition. In the aftermath of Maeve’s mother and sister being taken away by social services, she never got the chance to hear the voicemail.

Isaac, the disabled boy who lives opposite to Maeve on the caravan site, listened to the voicemail on Maeve’s phone, hearing Otis’ declaration. Clearly he has feelings for Maeve himself, thus he deleted the voicemail before she could hear it herself. Even when Otis dropped by to see where she Maeve was, Isaac lied and told Otis she had gone out and didn’t know when Maeve would be returning.

The third season will definitely continue the “will they, won’t they?” aspect of Otis and Mave’s relationship. With the voicemail of Otis’ declaration deleted, Maeve won’t know his true feelings. Maeve has also shown an interest in Isaac, who to Maeve has certainly seen to have her back, and appears to care for her more so than many others in her life. Isaac clearly has feelings for Maeve, and certainly feels threatened by Otis, and will likely make life hard for Otis in his pursuit of Maeve in season 3. Ultimately, Isaac’s deception should be revealed, and just maybe we’ll see Otis and Maeve together at last.

Isaac has his eyes on Maeve – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

Will Otis still be the Sex Kid?

The entire concept of the series is based around actually sex education, or the lack of it in Mooredale Secondary. Otis and Maeve made a lot of money from offering sexual advice to wayward teens, and when Jean, Otis’ mother found out, she was absolutely furious. It’s hard to see if Otis will continue offering advice to his fellow students, especially if Jean returns to the school as a counselor or teacher for sex education.

One thing is for certain, if Otis does continue helping students, he’ll no longer be charging them. There’s also the matter of Otis and Maeve reconciling because without each other, helping the students isn’t the same.

Will Otis continue offering sexual advice to students? – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

Can Eric and Adam’s Love last?

Interrupting the school play in a grandiose gesture, Adam declared his feelings for Eric, and despite the latter’s feelings for Rahim, reciprocated Adam’s love. Despite the rocky foundation of their relationship, Adam had bullied Eric for years prior to coming out, Eric’s family have instantly welcomed Adam, and accept the relationship.

Rahim is still on the scene, and other than having different interests cares deeply for Eric. While he doesn’t seem the petty type, if any lingering feelings of Eric have for Rahim are there, Rahim could take advantage of that and to try and take Eric away from Adam. While Adam has turned over a new leaf, he probably wouldn’t be too against hitting Rahim if he tried anything funny with Eric.

One of the biggest risks to the relationship is their past, but also what does Adam have planned for the future? Adam has shown he wants to make something of himself, and the school will eventually have a new principle, so Adam could be reinstated at Mooredale Secondary school. Perhaps together Eric and Adam can decide what they want to do for a future that involves them staying together.

Adam and Eric destined to be together forever?… – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

Lily and Ola’s relationship

One of the most fascinating girls in Mooredale Secondary school is Lily. Now in a relationship with Ola, Lily has already admitted she may in fact be pan-sexual, and if her obsession with drawing penis’ and tentacles (you’ve seen enough hentai to know where that is going) is anything to go by this is most likely to be true. While Lily doesn’t come across as the cheating type, she definitely comes across as the most experimental out of all the students in Mooredale.

Ola has given Lily the self-confidence she needs to get over her vaginismus, and the pleasure that will come from it. Opened to a new world of pleasure and the potential to explore it, Lily may seek to experiment. There have been many relationships covered in Sex Education, but we are yet to see a form of polygamy in the series. Out of all the characters, Lily would be the most open to polygamy but it would be a question of whether Ola would be willing to take part.

Ola realizing her feelings for Lily – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

Jean is pregnant

Suffering from a broken heart, Jean previously thought she was going through menopause only to be told she years for Jakob and is pregnant! It’s unclear what Jean plans to do, but Otis, in nine months could be a big brother.

Jean and Jakob still have a lot to work out, with the former only just realizing her feelings. Throw a baby into the mix, and everything only becomes more complicated. Not to mention that even tho Otis and Ola aren’t blood-related, the baby would be their respective sibling by blood.

No wine for Jean for of least nine months – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

Jackson’s future

Jackson has struggled to come to terms with what he wants to do for the future. Finding a passion for acting, Jackson still has a long way to go to become a good actor. Pressure from his parents may still result in Jackson continuing swimming, but some leniency may allow him to pursue acting on the side and to find a back up in case his swimming career fails.

Will Jackson continue swimming? Or pursue acting? – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

Will Mr. Groff Return?

Sadly, Mr. Groff is only on temporary leave and hasn’t actually been fired from his position as headmaster. Mr. Groff has a lot of growth and learning to go through if he is to overcome the conservative views. With a vendetta against Jean, if she returns to the school as a teacher or counselor, he will have to learn to work with her.

Has Mr. Groff finally learned his lesson? – Copyright. Eleven FIlm


Too pure for this world, we must protect Amy at all costs.

Aimee getting the bus with the support of her friends – Copyright. Eleven FIlm

How many episodes will the third season air?

Like the previous seasons, we can expect the third season to air a total of eight episodes, but we’re waiting for confirmation.

Each episode is expected to have a runtime of roughly 45 minutes.

When can we expect to see a trailer for Sex Education season 3?

It’s surprising how long the trailer for the second took to be released by Netflix. If that’s any indication to go by then we aren’t expecting to see a trailer for season 3 drop until late 2020. Netflix are sure to utilize the popularity of the series to its advantage so expect to see plenty of videos regarding the series throughout 2020.

Are you excited for the third season of Sex Education? Let us know in the comments below!

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