‘Merry Happy Whatever’ Season 2: Canceled at Netflix After One Season

‘Merry Happy Whatever’ Season 2: Canceled at Netflix After One Season

It was an incredibly busy festive period for Netlfix in 2019, and we saw the addition of a whole variety of  holiday-themed titles arrive throughout the season, including the sitcom Merry Happy Whatever. Sadly, after receiving a lukewarm reception, the Original has officially been canceled after just one season on Netflix.

Merry Happy Whatever is a Netflix Original comedy series created by Tucker Cawley. The Original series is one of many holiday-themed titles to arrive on Netflix this Christmas.

Netflix has often faced mixed reactions from its sitcoms, having failed to impress with previous series such as Disjointed and All About the Washingtons. While the series has struggled to impress critics, hopefully, fan support will carry Merry Happy Whatever to a second season.

Family time at Christmas isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially for Don the patriarch of the family. As he tries to balance the stress and demands of his complicated family during the Christmas season, his youngest daughter comes home but is accompanied by her new boyfriend.

Has Merry Happy Whatever been renewed for season 2?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Canceled (Last Updated: 04/16/2020)

It took some time but the creator of Merry Happy WhateverTucker Crawley, confirmed in an Instagram post that the series would not be returning for a second season on Netflix.

Did the story warrant another season?

A sitcom based on the holiday season, centered around a dysfunctional family writes itself. There’s always more holidays to be had and always more awkward social interactions with your family to follow. Netflix could use Merry Happy Whatever as an annual Christmas sitcom release, or other for other holidays such as Independence Day and Halloween.

What has the response been from subscribers?

It seems the most positive response has been Ashley Tisdale’s role in Merry Happy Whatever. Tisdale plays the role of Kayla Quinn, daughter of Don and a real estate agent, who was yet to reveal her homosexuality to her family.

ashley tisdale playing a lesbian is everything i never knew i needed but is now the best thing in the universe. here’s a reminder for everyone that y’all need to watch “merry happy whatever” on netflix, just 8 short episodes and it’s such a good show!!! pic.twitter.com/FJPPMYloAa

— domi (@melissafumeros) December 2, 2019

clara furacão @vegandyyke

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Merry Happy Whatever season 2 release date

With the cancelation of the series there will be no more Merry Happy Whatever.

Release Date: Never

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