Limited Series ‘Waco’ Joins Netflix USA & Canada

Limited Series ‘Waco’ Joins Netflix USA & Canada
Limited Series ‘Waco’ Joins Netflix USA & Canada

Paramount Network’s Waco has just joined Netflix in the United States as of April 16th, 2020. The title was unannounced and a surprise addition. Here’s what you should know about the series before diving in.  

Waco is a limited series that aired on Paramount Network back in January and February of 2018. It documents (and dramatizes) the standoff that occurred in real life back in 1993 in Waco, Texas. It was a notorious police standoff between the FBI and local authorities against a small religious contingent who were antagonized by the kidnapping of their leader, David Koresh.

For those who don’t know what Paramount Network is, it’s the rebranded Pay-TV cable service from ViacomCBS. Most will know it for Lip Sync Battle and the excellent drama, Yellowstone.

The series was created by Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle (No Escape, Quarantine, Devil) and featured a wide range of stars including the likes of Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch and Andrea Riseborough.

Six episodes in total were released and all were added to Netflix on April 16th, 2020.

Will other regions of Netflix get Waco season 1?

According to our library indexes, only two Netflix regions received Waco on April 16th. Those two being Netflix in the United States and Netflix Canada. It’s unclear whether other regions will follow.

In the United Kingdom, the series was licensed to Sky whereas, in Australia, there is currently no streamer carrying the limited series.

Will there be a season 2 of Waco?

If you get the end of Waco, you’ve probably realised that there’s no chance of this series returning, no matter how excellent it is.

Waco won’t be returning for a second season as it’s a miniseries, meaning it was only ever intended for a single season. There’s a huge array of limited series on Netflix as of 2020 and honestly, they’re some of the best content Netflix has to offer.

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Will you be diving into Waco on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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